Following the success of Hive Mind, members of The Internet have once more resorted to their solo projects to keep their creative outputs afloat. With Steve Lacy leading the way with his recent “N Side” single, Matt Martians now follows behind with his own effort, sharing “Knock Knock” and announcing a pending full-length project.

A founding member of The Internet and Odd Future, Martians’ upcoming The Last Party project will be his second solo outing and is set to feature Lacy, Baby Rose and Daisy while production credits arrive via Martians, Lacy, Fade Em’ All, as well as Dreamboy Oscar and Omar Apollo, both of whom produce “Knock Knock.”

The Last Party currently boasts a pending release date of April 26th and if “Knock Knock” is any indication, it’s sure to be a favorable delivery.

Quotable Lyrics

Why in the world?
How can I make you my girl?
You never show me your world
But I keep on coming back

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