Welcome To The Hustle Franklins Enterprise!
The Hustle Franklins Enterprise is a production company focusing on music production, post audio production, writing, recording and developing artists. Being versatile, our goal is to target all genres of music including Rap, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Ambience, TV/Movie and many more.

The group was founded by   “Crymez” , Associate Group partners  “Gorilla Bless”, “Young Wood”  and other associates upcoming artist to be featured with our record label and company.

Be sure to inquire more about  Hustle Franklins Enterprise LLC for more music and upcoming projects!

We are also looking to bring in additional members to the team as well. Hustle Franklins Enterprise is looking to work with anybody who has a passion for production and entertainment.

Crymez…Original Hustle Franklins Member

Hustle Franklin Enterprise

Richando Micklewhite (CEO)

Currently Attending NOVA Community College

Major: Business Administration